I have always had a love of art.  As a child I developed this almost immediately upon receiving a stack of comic books from a friend.  I began my obsession with art as a pencil artist, learning symmetry, shadows, and shapes, letting my creativity flow seamlessly through my fingertips, passing along my pencil, before exploding onto the page to create unique works of art.  As my skills improved, I found that my love of art expanded into other artistic mediums.

As my career as an artist has grown and my artwork has evolved, so has the canvas in which I choose to express myself.  I became a professional welder by trade after graduating from Dean Institute of Technology and gradually moved away from the traditional pencil and paper canvas to a metal canvas.  I started working with metal, cutting, grinding and heating it all by hand.  I learned something about metal every time I worked with it.  I use my talents to shape and build works of art from metal, creating attention grabbing 3D sculptures and portraits that physically jump off of the page.  My art has been sold all over the United States.

Using the lessons learned as a young artist about symmetry, shadowing and shaping, to form 3 D metal portraits, I take pride in creating lines that flow together seamlessly connecting one piece of metal to the next.  Through honing my skills as a professional welder, I am able to create one of a kind of metal art pieces, using the same creativity and passion that would flow from my fingertips as a child.  My pieces utilize cutting edge technology for metal art and a love for each piece provides a tangible product.  Much of the metal art in the market today is only computer-guided and machine-formed, but I fuse both modern technology with hand-operated tools because this gives me the artistic range I prefer.  By using this method I am able to provide customers with the best product possible, a product that represents my love and passion for what I do.